Reducing Fat – The Best Schedule for Weight loss

Building a rigorous and effective schedule for weight loss is a highly tedious and difficult task. It should incorporate the best cardio, weight loss exercises as well as outline a healthy balanced diet plan taking into account all the vital nutritional intakes. The schedule for weight loss must incorporate the two exercises highlighted above. It is advantageous to do half an hour of cardio in the morning and evening every day. The cardio exercises should differ in variety and should not only target walking but also more sophisticated techniques involving the use of specialized machinery such as elliptical machines and rowers. Boxing, dancing and pump classes can also be incorporated in the weekly schedule for weight loss as can lead to extremely effective and speedy results due to greater physical exertion.

Doing lightweight exercises are also important for being assimilated in the schedule for weight loss as not only burn fat but also give a dose of strength. Doing back squats, deadlifts, clean and press are all a speedy way of burning fat considerably. The best way to split up the workout for doing all the exercises outlined above is to split them up into three total body workouts, which include cardiovascular training, strength training and interval training. The schedule for weight loss can then combine all these exercises in the weekly regimen. These can help in reducing the gym time and using time efficiently by focusing on quality rather than quantity. When the workout is initially carried out in the first week, it is beneficial to focus on a few specific muscles followed by interval training.

In the second week schedule for weight loss, do strength training again but focus on new muscle parts followed by interval training. It is important to make the schedule for weight loss in such a way that the individual does not over exert and take breaks in between to avoid any problems that may occur from a very heavy and continuous exercise schedule. Few days can be taken off in the middle so that the person can go about their daily life and remain active and not be slavishly devoted to the gym. However, this break should not lapse from a few days to a month or even longer where the individual becomes inherently relaxed and is unable to go on with the workout and catches even more weight, putting the hard work in the previous schedule for weight loss a complete and utter failure.

The two weeks full body workout can be consistently repeated after taking a day or two off. A weekly schedule for weight loss can be divided into the following:

Week 1: Monday, Wednesday and Friday should be dedicated to Strength training and Interval training and the remaining days to be taken off. Strength workouts involve indulging in cardiovascular exercises and weight lifting exercises by focusing on different muscles every week. Along with formulating an accurate and strenuous workout, it is essential to combine the essential food intake such as carbohydrates, proteins, fibers and fruits in the daily lunch and dinner to produce a viable schedule for weight loss.